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Back to School Bliss

This summer has been... let's just say, chaotic for me. I'll try to paint the picture for you: Three kids with different camps/activities, different friends, and different interests. The hubby that works from home and desires quiet and order. The middle child that believes NOTHING is fair and tends to work out his frustrations by literally lashing out on the closest breathing being. Night time "potty training" the boys because I am SO over OverNights (though why I chose doing extra laundry EVERY SINGLE DAY over saving the landfills from pee filled disposable diapers is beyond me. I mean... just kidding? Of course I am willing to make this small sacrifice for mother nature. But it does require at a minimum an extra cup of coffee for me each day). Throw in a summer respiratory infection and, oh yeah, a new puppy! I'm not sure the last time I had a full night's rest. All of these things that conflict with my deepest desire to park my bum under a beach umbrella and read a book series.


Now, don't get me wrong, I have taken in a many moments of pure joy the last few months. To watch my 6 yr old read to my 5 yr old or to see them FINALLY getting along for more than 5 minutes, to finish reading the 2nd Harry Potter book with my 8 year old and then watch the movie, playing several competitive 3+ hour games of monopoly, seeing aw and wonder on the kids' faces while vacationing up north, taking our new puppy for a walk while enjoying ice cream as a family, and then... Back to School shopping! I'm not sure what makes me more happy: getting a composition book for 1 cent or the thought of my kid using said composition book outside of my home. Oh, wait, yes I am. It's the latter. I CANNOT WAIT for school to start.

This week we cleaned out our locker/cubbies and sorted all of last year's school papers (I've never had a bigger box of recycling). We found our summer work packets (and immediately vowed to work on them every day this week so we could finish them). I scheduled hair cuts for the boys, a vet appointment for the puppy, and a pedicure for myself. We've gathered the required family pictures and filled out the All About Me questionnaires and Transportation Tickets. I've labeled all the required supplies and gym shoes. We are ready. I AM READY.

Next week I will enjoy a full cup of hot coffee. I will go for a 4 mile run as slow as I want AND stretch after. I will go grocery shopping without a list and then go back the next day because I forgot 5 things. I will get on Facebook. I might even play Candy Crush. I will go to Target! I will schedule a lunch date and sign up for a bible study. I will prepare dinners that everyone in the family will enjoy (not yet sure what those are or if they exist but I am on a roll). I will love next week.

In the meantime, I will apply my Stress Relief Body Butter daily.

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