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  It was always His plan  

It all started with an extra jar (or 5) of homemade body butter.  When founder, Amanda Sloan, created the first batch of lavender body butter she never would have dreamed where it would take her.  With a passion for health and wellness, she couldn't help preparing homemade products for herself, family and friends that were free of toxins, dyes, perfumes, and other harmful chemicals. Learning about the medicinal properties of essential oils only drove her to further explore product options that would replace toxic chemicals in her home.  And, hey, why not in the homes of her friends, family, neighbors, and passerbys!  While the products that A Mother's Nature currently retails is not encompassing of all that she trusts and uses, it does showcase the broad flexibility of essential oils and proves that nature really does know what's best.  God created this earth and all that is in... it is by His design that so many of earth's creations depend on one another.

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