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I don't blog...


So, let me just preface this post with something profound. I don't blog.

Yet here I am. Posting my first. I wanted to share with the world what I know and love and have been obsessing over for the past year... maybe a bit longer... and it seems the best way to do that these days is to make a blog post. There. Now I have certainly aged myself and (halfway) admitted that I am hardly keeping up with technology these days let alone the Kardashians. But, I do have good reasons; I have been very busy raising my 3 kiddos, transplanting to a new state, and almost as equally important, learning to live a healthier and more natural lifestyle. And let me just tell you, it's not easy being green!

Once you graduate from college you would think your learning experiences should start to diminish. Then you start a career... where there is most likely a substantial learning curve. Change careers, another learning curve, get married, another curve, have a baby, WOAH learning curve, have another, then another etc. But THEN you're suppose to come into your own, right? Well, no, because then the kids get older which changes everything you thought you knew. Maybe you move or have some other huge life change along the way and you realize you'll never know everything you need to know! Anyone follow? I know, you probably got lost in all of those commas. Remember, I don't blog.

Basically, what I am getting at, is this last year has been yet another in a long string of learning curves for me. I have advanced leaps and bounds from where I was in caring for my family years ago. Ridding our home of toxic chemicals and unhealthy living habits has been quite a journey. But what stands out in this one is how much FUN it has been!!! Yes, I have to admit I almost had a heart attack when I uncovered how many toxins most women apply to their bodies everyday. (We'll save those details for another post.) But, to create a natural replacement for myself and those I care for makes me just down right giddy. AND, when I discover it works better than the toxic garbage I rid my home of... well, I'm just jumpin for joy.

I admit I am not 100% free of chemicals. I do occationally use plastic food storage and we daily use a microwave in our home. *GASP* I know. But I will tell you I work everyday to make small changes that I hope will have a big impact on my future and, more importantly, my kids' future. We eat lots of whole foods. We encourage activity. We use essential oils. We limit electronics. And, for everything those habits can't help, we pray to God. My plan is to continue learning and growing as a woman, a wife, a mother, a friend, and as an entepreneur. (And can you believe I just realized this draft does not have autocorrect? Oh, come on! Who spells enterpreneur on a regular basis? You would have wanted that spell checked too.)

I hope you will join me on this ridiculous journey. I promise to be myself, to have fun, Oh, and to make lots of grammatical errors. I also will put my heart into sharing this aspect of my life with you in hopes that you find it in any way beneficial.

Peace and Love,


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